Ahe Dive Resort is officially closed

We are very sad to report that our resort had to close its doors.  Ahe suffered from a forced take over by the government. At first the reason for the take over was not explained, but now it has become clear that the government needs the resort to provide MIGAS PERTAMINA, an Indonesian oil drilling company with a base.

Oil, money, politics and the usual fair share of corruption win again over nature and long term interest of the local community.

For now we might have lost the battle, but we will continue in our efforts on a new location.

All interested parties are advised to visit http://budpar.papua.go.id/ or contact Pariwisata Provinsi Papua at bbkp@papua.co.id

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What it was like

Thanks for visiting us! Sorry you can’t visit us not anymore. The beautiful pictures and videos remain. We hope to welcome you soon at the new location we are currently working on.

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